film and analysis

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Here is my paper guidline. Please choose one film and analysis. I’m undergraduate student.

Final Paper: Undergraduates will write a Film Analysis Paper. Graduate Students must conduct a literature review ending with research questions and/or hypotheses.

FILM ANALYSIS PAPER Guidelines (Undergraduates)

You will watch a full-length feature film and write a paper on how course concepts are demonstrated in the film. Below are guidelines for the film analysis paper. Choose from the following list of films: Bridges of Madison County, Little Miss Sunshine, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, or your own choice with prior approval.


Paper should be 5-7 FULL pages of text, not counting title page, abstract, references, etc.

Number your pages.

Use 1” margins on all sides and use 10 to 12 pt. font.

Write in multiple paragraphs and not in one long continuous paragraph.

Double space the entire document.

Check spelling, grammar, and mechanics carefully.

All papers should conform to APA-style-guidelines. Either see the style manual (recommended) or go to a reliable online source such as The Owl at Purdue

Make sure you have an introduction, body, and conclusion as well as title page, abstract, and any references.


There is no need to include a synopsis of the plot as I’ve seen the film but you do need an introduction (as well as a body and conclusion) containing a preview and thesis statement.Your task is to apply relevant and appropriate course concepts to the film.

First, as you watch and reflect on the movie, look for how course concepts are demonstrated in the movie and choose the one(s) you want to focus on and take notes as you watch.

In your paper, clearly define the concepts you have chosen to work with and discuss how the concepts were demonstrated in the film by providing specific examples.

You may apply one concept to the film in an in-depth discussion (if there is enough depth for you to be able to do that) or choose more than one to apply to the film in a less extended discussion. You will not be able to apply everything so be selective.

Papers will be graded based upon how well you meet the following criteria:

-Followed format and directions (20 pts.)

-Concepts chosen were appropriate and relevant to the film and were defined clearly and correctly (20 pts.)

-Application(s) was/were relevant, appropriate, and made logical sense (20 pts.)

-Application(s) was/were of sufficient depth (20 pts.)

-Overall creativity and originality (20 pts.)


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